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Proposition 3 includes $200M to help fund the state’s Salton Sea Management Plan

11/04/18 | Proposition 3 on the upcoming Nov. 6 ballot proposes to directly impact the most pressing public health and environmental crisis facing the residents of Riverside County and all of Southern California:  the Salton Sea.  (see article or link below)

Financing District for Salton Sea Restoration on Board Agenda Tuesday

10/20/18 | The Formation of the “Salton Sea Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District” will be on the Riverside County Board of Supervisors’ Agenda Tuesday morning.

Salton Sea Tour

09/06/2018 | To be held in conjunction with the CSDA Annual Conference and the Salton Sea Authority

Local Leadership Gains Momentum at the Salton Sea

06/29/2018 | Recognizing that close cooperation between local land-use agencies at the Salton Sea is pivotal to progress among all parties with shared interests at the Salton Sea…

Salton Sea highlighted for successful integration strategy

06/08/2018 | Tim Walsh, Chief of Staff for Rep Juan Vargas, is interviewed on Federal investment strategies at a recent symposium, “The Bill is Due: Now What? Infrastructure, Pensions and the Environment.” Tim Walsh points to the Salton Sea Authority as an agency that successfully integrates a strategy of multiple benefits to address complex challenges. See … Continued

Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia hosts oversight hearing on the Salton Sea Management Plan

06/08/2018 | Eduardo Garcia, Chairman of the Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee for the California Assembly hosted an oversight hearing on governance and funding issues with the Salton Sea Management Plan. See links below to hear testimony and Q and A responses from Salton Sea Authority Executive Director Phil Rosentrater.

Prop 68 Passage Accelerates Progress at Salton Sea

06/06/2018 | Approval of Proposition 68 by California voters grants $200 Million toward projects that will accelerate progress at the Salton Sea. As the largest inland lake in the state of California,

LAO Report: Salton Sea Management

05/08/2018 | The following Legislative Analyst’s Office report was presented to the Assembly Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife at Tuesday’s oversight hearing.     Read More

2018 Audit finds SSA tops in fiscal integrity

05/02/2018 | The Salton Sea Authority is operating at the highest professional standard of fiscal integrity and public accountability, according to a recently completed independent audit of the organization. Read More  

First State-Funded Project Completed at the Salton Sea

04/17/2018 | The Salton Sea Authority and its partners have achieved historic progress with completion of the first state-funded project at the Salton Sea, the largest lake in California. The fully functional project was … Read More